The focus of our work is in two areas. Botanically, my students and I conduct studies on the ecology and evolution of plant reproductive systems using a variety of different approaches. Work is currently focusing on heterocarpy in the genus Grindelia (gumweeds, Asteraceae) and establishment ecology in the rare species Alnus maritima (seaside alder, Betulaceae).

My other area of emphasis is science education. We have been investigating the impact of a course curriculum based on Tree-Thinking for several years, and the results of that work are provided on this web site. I have also developed a number of different teaching resources that can be accessed from here.

Check out our new YouTube channel with videos we use for pre-lab instruction. Flipped Lab Videos


Welcome to the Gibson Lab!

  1. J.Phil Gibson

Department of Biology

Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology

University of Oklahoma

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