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Cooper Bison Skull: The Migration (Part 2) 014

This episode continues my interview with Dr. Leland Bement. He picks up where the previous episode ended by explaining how archaeologists determined the migration behaviors of the ancient bison at the Cooper Bison Kill Site. He also describes other aspects of bison hunting and life of the Folsom people that were learned from studying the Cooper site.

Cooper Bison Skull: The Hunt (Part 1) 013

In 1994, archaeologists were investigating an ancient arroyo that contained evidence of three, separate, large bison kills by Folsom culture hunters. In the middle kill, they found a painted bison skull. It’s the oldest painted artifact ever discovered in North America. In this episode, Dr. Leland Bement tells what his research indicates about this hunting technique and the possible significance of the Cooper Bison Skull in the hunt.

Pleistocene Megafauna Extinction 011

The Pleistocene is known for the large mammals that lived during the “Ice Age” and the mass extinction of the mammalian megafauna that occurred as it ended. In this episode, I talk with Tom Luczycki and Dr. Hayley Lanier from the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History to learn about the Pleistocene megafauna of Oklahoma and the probable causes and consequences of their extinction .

Unprecedented 006

One of the things that you hear a lot lately is that things are unprecedented. To evaluate whether that is true or not, we need to compare the present to what has happened in the past. In this episode, we look at the 1918 Influenza Pandemic and what we can learn from it to determine what is and perhaps what isn’t unprecedented with COVID-19.

The Botany of Halloween 005

The Halloween that many people think of with candy and trick-or-treating is dramatically different from the ancient traditions of Samhain. This episode of BioTA explores the origins of Halloween and its botanical iconography. So, pull up a seat, get a little closer to the fire, and bundle up against the October wind as we celebrate Halloween on Biota.

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