BIOL 1134 Evolution, Ecology, & Diversity: This course explores foundational principles of organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology. Active learning activities are used in lecture and lab.

Skulls and skeletons for an animal diversity lab.

PBIO 3163 Economic Botany: Humans depend on plants, but of the thousands of plant species that exist, we depend on a relatively small number. This course looks at the dynamics of plant-human interactions from the plant and human perspectives to better understand not only how humans depend on plants, but why we chose the particular ones we did.

USFS Poster

PBIO/METR/MICRO 4693/5693 Field Sampling Techniques: This is a field-based course taught at OU’s Kessler Atmospheric & Ecological Field Station. Students learn different techniques for sampling the biotic and abiotic environment at different scales ranging from 1m X 1m field plots to planetary-scale, satellite imagery.

Students observe proper methods for sampling amphibians.